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40+ years experience in therapeutic products GMP and quality systems: pharmaceuticals, vaccines, blood, medical devices, medical gases!
We are an Australian company operating worldwide that conducts professional GMP consulting for the pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biologicals, medical gases, blood and blood products and medical devices industries. We know GMP Consultants and GMP consulting!

We provide global consultancy and training on quality systems in general and Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Laboratory Practice, Good Distribution Practices (all “GXP”) for pharmaceutical products, biological products (including blood collection and processing, and vaccines), quality systems for medical devices, active pharmaceutical ingredients and quality control laboratories.

Our main area of expertise is in the provision of services, both locally and internationally, to a diverse range of small and large clients in the pharmaceutical products and allied fields who are subject to regulatory auditing. Our skills and experience can assist your company in meeting its regulatory responsibilities and quality improvement objectives. We can also help you prepare a comprehensive response to adverse findings made during regulatory audits. And we have a wide range of training programs – either tailored for in-house needs, or for presentation at public seminars.

Be advised that the copyright for the phrase 'Navigate GMP With DBA' and the sextant symbol, including the sextant symbol overlaid or underlaid with stars including but not limited to the stars of the Southern Cross, was copyrighted by David Richard Mull Buckley in April 2002, and assigned to David Buckley And Associates Pty Ltd, a fully incorporated company in Australia registered with the Australian Securities And Investment Commission (ASIC) with the registered Australian Business Number (ABN) 69 103 221 129.

'DBA' is a common trading name for many, many, many businesses (some of whom claim trademark registration on the 3 letters D, B, and A, in that order) and we, the Directors of David Buckley And Associates Pty Ltd in no way, shape or form have anything whatsoever to do with, or endorse, support, use, recommend, agree something is good, accept, acclaim, admire, applaud, appreciate, approbate, be big on, commend, countenance, esteem, favour (alternatively favour), go along with, like, love, praise, regard highly (or any regard at all for that matter), respect, string along with, take up on, think highly of (or think of at all for that matter) support, authorize, accredit, advocate, affirm, approve, attest, authenticate, back, back up, bless, boost, certify, champion, commend, confirm, countenance, defend, favour (alternatively favour), give a boost to, give green light, give our word to, go along with, go in to bat for, guarantee, lend our name to, okay, praise, push, ratify, recommend, rubber-stamp, sanction, second, stand behind, stand up for, stump for, subscribe to, sustain, underwrite, uphold, vouch for, warrant, witness, endorse (alternatively indorse), patronize, plink (for) plump (for) plunk (for) or plonk (for), embrace, espouse; abet, aid, assist, help, work with with, employ, or are employed by, contract work with or for, or second (with), side (with), bolster, boost, advance, forward, further, plug, talk up, or bail up or out any of the entities below. Alternatively neither do we want to foil, frustrate, interfere, oppose, sabotage, thwart, disagree, disapprove, censure, oppose, protest, reject, repel, condemn, censure, chastise, criticize, damn, decry, denounce, deplore, deprecate, detract, discommend, disesteem, disfavor, dislike, dismiss, dispraise, expostulate, find fault with, find unacceptable, frown on, look askance at, look down on, object to, oppose, reject, remonstrate, reprove, slam, spurn, take dim view of, take exception to, turn down, or veto, clash, contradict, counter, disharmonize, dissent, diverge, run counter to, or be affiliated with now or in the past and heaven and god willing, the future, with any services or products or others things tangible or intangible produced by, or invented by, or copyrighted by, or trademarked by, or registered by, nor do we intermingle with, converse with, socialise with, banter with, or otherwise engage in social intercourse with any the following entities (in alphabetical order):

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- in any country, territory, province, state, in any part of the world and outer space (if ever there is a future entity located there), including but not necessarily limited to the following:

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David Buckley & Associates Pty Ltd (ABN 6910 3221 129)
7 Catani Place, Monash, ACT 2904, AUSTRALIA
Phone/fax: ISD + 61 2 6291 4626

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Recent News
How to Access Australasian legislation, where to find Australasian Law including Acts and Regulations

is a great calibration and maintenance tracking and scheduling software package at
It's compliant with 21CFR11  and PIC/S cGMP Annex 11 (aka Eudralex Vol 4 Annex 11) eg has audit trail, 3 levels of password protected security, etc. A big plus: it's free for small companies (up to 150 items) and very very affordable for larger ones.

Will also track validation effort - for example for a benchtop autoclave
  1. Assign the task an Item Type of "Validation"
  2. Assign Action Interval of 365 days (or 180 days for 6 monthly revalidation)
  3. Reference the validation protocol number (minus revision number) in the procedure field
  4. Place a link to each revision of the validation protocol in the links grid in the 'Form View"
  5. Place links to each approved validation report in the links grid in the 'Form View"
Other features - newsletter, user forum, and very approachable author/owner - Al Weisenborn who answers the info@ email queries within hours"


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www.quintessence.com.cy  GMP Seminars

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SMB Validation
for computer validation in North America contact a namesake David Buckley at www.smbvalidation.com


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